The foundation of a secure partnership

Article: The foundation of a secure partnership

Infrastructure procurement involves an eligibility assessment of suppliers/bidders in certain commodity groups prior to contract award. Such a "PQ-Bahn Prequalification Process" is thus an entry requirement for participating in many of our contract award procedures.

Prequalification is required for certain commodity groups/services

Prequalification is mandatory to be able to participate in the awarding of contracts in the listed services. It must be applied for in advance and must have been successfully completed at the time of submission of the bid/request to participate.

  • Details of all commodity groups can be found here: Commodity groups in detail 
  • An overview of all commodity groups for switchgear 16.7 Hz and DC can be found in the download section

Your benefits from the prequalification system are clear

  • Eligibility checked in advance and only every 2 years independent of specific contract award procedures
  • The duration of the contract award procedure is shortened; faster start of services
  • Contract awards in commodity groups with prequalification are often exclusively for prequalified supplier pools
  • Digital process throughout supported by our supplier management tool SMaRT
  • All requirements and documents freely accessible here in advance

How a PQQ process works

The prequalification procedure includes 2 stages after registration. After successfully completing these two stages, you will be included in our pool of prequalified suppliers and can immediately participate in the corresponding contract award procedures.

You can find more detailed information on the prequalification process, the minimum criteria for the individual commodity groups, the costs, and much more in our procedural rules for the Infrastructure Procurement prequalification system at our download page.



  • Specification of the company data
  • Selection of commodity groups/service portfolio

Stage 1 Answering a basic questionnaire regarding:

Stufe 1

  • Supplier expertise
  • Capability
  • Grounds for exclusion

Stage 2 Answering a commodity group-specific questionnaire regarding:

Stufe 2

  • Specific reference projects

Supplier pool


  • You will benefit from the advantages of being a prequalified supplier

Additional, useful information about the prequalification procedure for infrastructure products

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