The reliable way to make payments: our XRechnungsgenerator

Article: The reliable way to make payments: our XRechnungsgenerator

The XRechnungsgenerator is available to you free of charge for creating XRechnung e-invoices to DB companies. The process is transparent and saves you time using a web form. You can find instructions on this page in the download section.

 Good to know: Basic information about invoices with XRechnung

  • The XRechnungsgenerator has been optimised for the Google Chrome web browser, so we recommend using it.
  • You will receive a downloadable XRechnung e-invoice as an XML file.
  • After creating the XRechnung, your invoice will not be sent automatically.
  • The "Cache" function allows you to save your own template for the Generator in your system. The cached file is not an XRechnung.
  • The PDF visualization function is a visual aid to be able to check your entries in an invoice-like layout.
  • Documents substantiating the invoice (e.g. timesheets) can be embedded into the XRechnung in the web form.
  • The Generator is not a tool for checking externally created XRechnung e-invoices.
  • No data is automatically stored after the session ends.