The key to transparent collaboration

Article: The key to transparent collaboration

With our supplier management system SMaRT (Supplier Management and Rating Tool), interested companies can independently register as suppliers to Deutsche Bahn.

Bild - During Registration

During registration, you will be asked to select the commodity groups (products and services) that you would like to supply to Deutsche Bahn AG. You can select multiple commodity groups.

Please note that registering in the SMaRT system does not legally entitle you to take part in a tender process, be considered for a contract award, or be guaranteed a contract.

Good to know: Special testing systems

Deutsche Bahn AG has established special qualification systems (testing systems) within the scope of the Rules on Awarding Contracts in Transport, Drinking Water Supply and Energy Supply. In order to participate in contract award procedures that use one of these testing systems, suppliers must be registered and added to the relevant testing system.

How registration in SMaRT works

In order to register your company as a supplier, you must complete the registration process directly in the system. The system gives you step-by-step instructions until all necessary information has been provided.

To start the registration process, you have to enter your address and tax details as well as your user data. The system will then send you an activation e-mail. Once you have activated your user and logged in from the home page, you can start the registration process. It is divided into several steps.

Add additional master data to the information you have already submitted. Select at least one commodity group that you want to supply. The system will show directly, if a commodity group requires prequalification.

Upload a business letter from your company in PDF format.

Once you have completed and submitted your registration, your application will be reviewed by Deutsche Bahn's Supplier Master Data team. You will automatically be notified by e-mail once this is done.

The basis for our cooperation is set.

WHow you benefit from registering in SMaRT

The supplier management system SMaRT maximizes transparency and makes it easier for you to collaborate with the Purchasing departments at Deutsche Bahn AG.

For you and your company, this means:

  • Keep your supplier profile up to date, e.g. to inform Deutsche Bahn AG of a new billing address or to establish closer relations between your company and Deutsche Bahn
  • Independently manage documents needed for working with Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Work on joint tasks and check progress toward completion
  • Get in touch with the Procurement department at Deutsche Bahn
  • Select your desired commodity groups in the system so that Deutsche Bahn can start working with you

Want to learn more about how SMaRT works? Take a look at the user guides in the download section of this page.