Simplify your purchasing workflows

Article: Simplify your purchasing workflows

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a cloud solution in the SAP business network and plays a crucial role in the world of digital commerce. It enables information to be exchanged digitally and business relationships between customers and suppliers to be mapped and processed. Designed as a cloud application, the platform can be used without installing anything locally – all you need is an Internet browser.

Summary of SAP Ariba features and how to use it

Nutzung des Netzwerks im Überblick

SAP Ariba offers suppliers the following benefits

Collaborating with us via the SAP business network offers numerous advantages for all parties involved. Here are some general examples of how you can benefit from it. There may be further synergies on an individual level, which we would be happy to discuss with you directly.


This is how easy it is to use the SAP business network

Vereinfachte Darstellung der Anbindung

There are essentially two options or account types that a supplier can use to connect to and use the SAP business network. In both cases, the information is exchanged identically via the SAP business network. Please also note the additional Information on the account types.

Account types for connecting to the SAP Business Network

Standard account
  • Publish catalogs describing your products and services
  • Process orders directly via the SAP business network
  • Online help center
  • Free of charge

What do I need to do to connect?

To successfully connect, you must already have a master agreement with DB AG. As part of their connection to the SAP business network, we give our suppliers tailored support and work with you to develop a suitable solution.

Ablauf der Zusammenarbeit

The most important Ariba modules and purchasing channels at DB

Catalogs as a purchasing channel

Most goods and services can be offered effectively in the form of a user-friendly catalog. This method of presenting and procuring products and services is a common feature of online shopping.

Technical details:

  • Excel and BMEcat formats are used for static catalogs
  • cXML punch-out catalogs are possible
  • Classification: eClass 8.1
  • Guidelines for creating catalogs are provided by DB (see Downloads)

Further information and help

Guidelines for supplier integration and catalog creation can be found here. To learn more about the SAP Business Network and digital purchasing workflows click on the links below:

General information about the SAP business network

Information on supplier accounts and fees

You can access the SAP training portal here

Do you have any further questions about SAP Ariba at DB? Simply contact us at:

If you are already logged in to the SAP business network, you can find lots of other information in your personal profile settings by clicking on the question mark.

If there are problems with a catalog after it goes live, please contact: