Everything on the safe side

Article: Everything on the safe side

Prequalification General requirements and services

General requirements and services procurement involves an eligibility assessment of suppliers/bidders in certain commodity groups prior to contract award. Such a "PQ-Bahn Prequalification Process" is thus an entry requirement for participating in many of our contract award procedures.

Prequalification is required for certain commodity groups/services

Consulting services

Bild - Beraterleistungen

A successful prequalification procedure is generally required for the procurement of consulting services.

Engineering services, certification services, IT services (IT/telecoms), market research, M&A consulting, legal advice, headhunting/outplacement and training/coaching are excluded from this.

For more information, please see the documents and videos below.  

Further information on prequalification for consulting services

Facility management and environmentally-relevant services

Bild - Facility Management und Umweltrelevante Dienstleistungen

Machines, engineering facilities and materials

  • Vehicle coating, lettering, and films
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cleaning products, coatings and adhesives
  • Cleaning and care products for vehicles, graffiti removers
  • Corporate clothing
  • Fasteners, tubes and small track components
  • Rolled steel, sectional steel and steel sheets 


Großteaser - Omnibusse, Ersatzteile und Instandhaltungsleistungen Bus
Buses, spare parts, and maintenance services for buses

A successful prequalification procedure is also required for the procurement of buses.

For more information, please refer to the documents below. 

Procedural rules prequalification system for buses

Sample questions test category 2